What you see is what you get!

Wonder by Luna Smith

What kind of person are you? Can you see life as continuous steps, progress instead of just the final result? Can you see beyond makeup and perfectly shaped bodies the determination, the hunger, the misery, the effort? Can you see beyond worn clothes, smudges of dirt and exhaustion the untold story of the homeless person, the pain, the cold, the quilt, the sanity, the carving of life? Can you see beyond the success, the stress, the time, the failure, the sacrifice? If you look behind the appearance you seek, you learn, you create, you find the solution, you live and let others be. If you just ask for a result, you are missing out the depth, the beauty, the struggle, the sense of life itself.

Beyond the Mind by Luna Smith

I don’t see just clouds, I see thousands of different shapes nonstop changing into something new, a frog, a ship, a violin. I don’t see a child, I see the miracle and the chance for better tomorrow, one more mind helping us making the impossible. I paint beyond the surface to show the vision, the fight inside us and things around us. I add colours and shapes to express the complicated nature. I create the reality I live in, and I shape the life itself. Do you?


My home

Our home is not where we were born, where we lived where we were young, but where we choose to create our lives, where we fall in love with people and nature and start to pay taxes, pitch into our community. Our soul is always missing one special place; some time is taking ages to find it, sometimes we are lucky to born in it. We are all humans, and we all can live whatever we want on Earth, that is our planet, our Universe, it belongs to us, that is our place to look after and care. No matter the barriers, the language, the colour, the accent, the shape, the education, we all are miracles, we have a right to be here, and we have high potential and impact on each other. Together we create present and future.

I have a house I can call home. I have a place where I am always happy in an area which amazes me, where people are incredible, and make me feel accepted, connected, loved. It makes me want to give something in exchange, to improve lives. This place is Scotland. Edinburgh is my town. Wherever I look is beauty around me. The cold wind always brushes my face and takes worries away. There are birds everywhere; friendly dogs run freely; bunnies skip in gorgeous hills. There is a perfect combination of wildness with human technology and people.

Arran by Luna Smith

Here I feel free. Here people create and spread knowledge on every corner. My city is booming with personalities from over the world who shows their talent and inspiration. Here the art brings souls together. Here nature calls my name. The long dark winters bring romanticism, and short warm summer brings joy and gratitude in every second I have in life — a perfect circle. Here I belong.

Icy River by Luna Smith

Did you find your home too?

Another day

After hours of painting, thinking, improving, promoting, creating, there is nothing left. No time, no energy, no talent, no thoughts. Exhaustion and disappointment are too overwhelming. What on Earth I am doing? I am staying in the same place instead of moving forward. Where are my wings, where is my progress, where is my income so I can buy food and pay bills. Wherever I see, I have to develop. Whatever I do is never enough, and the worse part is, I can’t see the end of the struggle. Is that how my career will look like. Always worry about money and survivor. I love what I do. But what am I doing wrong? Why the time is escaping through my hands and my work slamming me with a big wave of uncertainty. Yes, all artist have doubts. All artist struggle, the question is, can I overcome it? Can I wake up and eat tomorrow. Can I enjoy another battle and create a masterpiece?
There is one thing left to do – make a line on a canvas, and then brush strokes taking over my mind and the magic happens. Hours passing by and the piece is being born. Another day, another painting, another wonderful time. Yes, my life is worth living.

Snowy Mount Rainier by Luna Smith

What we should paint?

We will never know if we like something if we don’t try it. The same thing applies to art. In the beginning, we have to paint everything in every style. After a while, the magic will happen, and we will have our favourite subject and favourite style – after thousands of hours of painting we will find ourselves. You will see how easy it is to choose from thousands of choices to find something unique and close to our hearts. Our artworks will change and evolve with time as we mature and advance in life.

Having your own technique and object is not the only dilemma. Often happen that our unique styles don’t sell. People love abstracts and traditional landscapes these days. Portraits ( unless they are nude) are way less successful. Animals are not very popular. You will have to find art lovers who want to buy your art- until then you will have to paint whatever your fans want from you. Not ideal, but you can create and master your skills. When the day of fame will come, you will finally focus on your dream art.

To paint or to promote?

The biggest struggle of emerging artists is to find the balance between creating art and promoting it. A painter has to paint, a dancer has to dance, a singer has to sing. Period. But we can’t live without money and without the audience. The best art is the shared art. And to make the new craft, we have to sell the old one. That is our circle of life. Create-share-sell.

Invisible 2

When we are invisible to our potential admirers and customers, we are getting lost, losing motivation and starving, becoming homeless. We have to focus on promoting ourselves more than on our art itself. Take it easy, step by step. You will create everything you dream of, but patience is the key. Without food at the table, you will die before you will become famous, so promote, promote, promote! That is your key to success.

Luna Smith in her art studio.

Between promoting find time to paint, to improve, to show what you made off. Remember that creating art is the easy part of your job, the difficult one is marketing, finding your niche, establishing your name, making exhibitions. It is a constant battle for survival, so you can do what you love and make life a better place for others.

Moon. Night. Magic.


There is magic in the air. When I paint I can breathe it, my heart becomes silent, my mind is clear, and I have this silly smile on my face. Yes, it is happening again. I create the piece of me. I am going back to my happy place, night, water, moon, stars, dreams — my perfect environment.

My inner me wants to paint stars, unreachable shining diamonds in the sky. I never realize them until the painting is finished and there they are, the happy dots dancing on canvas.


Maybe because my name is Luna (which means moon) I feel close to the night white sun. I called it my sister. It makes me feel safe, as someone is watching over me, is lighting my way home after the big adventure. It is playing my name, and only I can hear it. It is my symbol, my beginning and my end. I will always come back to it.

Every artist has a symbol – a happy place? What is yours?

Photos Photos Photos

Nowadays, we have options on how we want to share our artworks to our audience and potential customers. We can go more traditional and apply to art galleries (but let’s not be too optimistic if we weren’t born super rich or have famous parents, we could die before a gallery say yes and display your artwork). We can choose to make our own exhibitions, and fairs (costly and time-consuming, but it is gratifying to see people admiring our work). And the last one is making our own online gallery using social media, websites and online galleries. That is the most popular, the most economically accessible way for struggling emerging artists and it can go wild.

You can’t publish your art without good photos, and the problem starts here. It is not so easy to make them. Everything becomes an issue: the lighting, the reflections, the surrounding, the angle, the time, the camera, the battery, the shaky hand, our looks, the background.

Abstract by Luna Smith

The first and most important thing is the high-resolution camera. If we have that, the rest depends on our creativity, time we can spend on it and our patient. We have to always focus on what our audience wants to see, and use tools to achieve our target, like Photoshop, plants, a right wall. The image is almost as much important as the artwork itself. It is worth to invest our time and effort to make it right. Usually, it will take hundreds of photos and hours until we will find our style, our way to enjoy and to make excellent photographs. Don’t give up! Keep trying! Never stop improving!

Self-portrait by Luna Smith