Moon. Night. Magic.


There is magic in the air. When I paint I can breathe it, my heart becomes silent, my mind is clear, and I have this silly smile on my face. Yes, it is happening again. I create the piece of me. I am going back to my happy place, night, water, moon, stars, dreams — my perfect environment.

My inner me wants to paint stars, unreachable shining diamonds in the sky. I never realize them until the painting is finished and there they are, the happy dots dancing on canvas.


Maybe because my name is Luna (which means moon) I feel close to the night white sun. I called it my sister. It makes me feel safe, as someone is watching over me, is lighting my way home after the big adventure. It is playing my name, and only I can hear it. It is my symbol, my beginning and my end. I will always come back to it.

Every artist has a symbol – a happy place? What is yours?

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