To paint or to promote?

The biggest struggle of emerging artists is to find the balance between creating art and promoting it. A painter has to paint, a dancer has to dance, a singer has to sing. Period. But we can’t live without money and without the audience. The best art is the shared art. And to make the new craft, we have to sell the old one. That is our circle of life. Create-share-sell.

Invisible 2

When we are invisible to our potential admirers and customers, we are getting lost, losing motivation and starving, becoming homeless. We have to focus on promoting ourselves more than on our art itself. Take it easy, step by step. You will create everything you dream of, but patience is the key. Without food at the table, you will die before you will become famous, so promote, promote, promote! That is your key to success.

Luna Smith in her art studio.

Between promoting find time to paint, to improve, to show what you made off. Remember that creating art is the easy part of your job, the difficult one is marketing, finding your niche, establishing your name, making exhibitions. It is a constant battle for survival, so you can do what you love and make life a better place for others.

One thought on “To paint or to promote?

  1. Another heartful post, Luna. Promoting is so hard, the anathema to the creative process in so may ways, yet essential for all the reasons you say. I go through periods where I do my best to expose my work and times when I can’t face it. It’s what we do though, either promote or go back into the cave. I rather like the cave 🙂 Thanks for following my blog.

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